A native to southern California Paul attended San Diego State University where he majored in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Acting.  Paul has studied acting and voice with Frank Roach, Byrnce Cronin, and Gloria Hamilton Toplitt.


Paul’s background also includes radio and commercial voice-over work, spending 5 years working in radio.  He was on the air in San Diego on K-Best 95FM where he was known as Paul Diamond;  he has the distinction of being one of the original staff DJ’s for KBEST that hit the San Diego air waves in 1978.  At the time Paul was on the air San Diego was the 9th largest radio market in the U.S. and Paul had the #1 rated show for women age 18-35.

Here is what the critics say:

Theatre Review - A Christmas Carol


Paul Michael Nieman leads the way with a superlative and powerful portrayal of Scrooge. From his very first appearance, he commands the stage with his presence, booming resonant epithets of “HUMBUG!” to the rafters. His transformation from penny-pinching skinflint to giddy philanthropist is remarkable. In the final scenes, he is almost certifiably and insanely happy, sort of like Herbert Lom’s deranged Inspector Dreyfus in the “Pink Panther” movies.

Theatre Review - Fiddler On The Roof This Production of "Fiddler" Moves You By Geg Friedman

This giant cast is led by the amazing Paul Michael Nieman as Tevye who shows us every bit of emotion that this part calls for.  I personally think he rivals any of the past greats who have played this role.

Theatre Review >> Little Mary Sunshine

Captain Big Jim played with panache by Paul Michael Nieman

 Written by  Lorenzo Marchessi

 Theatre Review >> The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Paul Michael Nieman (who also plays Saint Thomas) gave a strong and extremely believable performance as Sigmund Freud 

 Written by  Lorenzo Marchessi

 The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Honorable mentions go to Paul Niemans' big bold Freud. 

By Patrick Cronen • Mar 12, 2013 • Los Angeles

The Los angeles times 

 F. Kathleen Foley

Theater review: 'Man With the Pointed Toes' at Glendale Centre

The engaging cast, which includes Paul Michael Nieman, garners its fair share of laughs. Nieman is particularly attractive as Tom’s matchmaking foreman.



review - The Man with the Pointed Toes  CRITIC'S PICK

The cast are top of the heap. Nieman is wonderful as Link, reminding one of Sam Elliott and Andy Griffith, all rolled into one.